Our Story

History of Family Outreach Center

Family Outreach Center, Inc., was formed in August of 1979 as the result of the initiative of community leaders who were concerned about the deterioration of family life within segments of the population residing in the “inner city” of Grand Rapids, which included people of color and other low-income residents. It became clear that, although Grand Rapids had a good network of public and private agencies providing mental health, child welfare and substance abuse services to support family life, for a variety of reasons poor people and people of color did not use the available services, had limited access, and were seldom referred by pastors, school administrators, social workers and the criminal justice system.

After months of deliberations, a decision was made to incorporate a new agency that would provide mental health and family support services to segments of the population who traditionally represent the under served in the human services community.

Family Outreach Center has been successfully delivering its services to low income, uninsured, and under insured populations (including the Medicaid population) since its inception in 1979.

Our Mission

Leading the way in promoting healthy family living by reaching out to underserved populations and those who are low income in our community.

Our Vision

Quality Outcome Based Servicesthat yield tangible and lasting results

Commitment to Diversityequity and inclusion

Integrityprofessional and ethical practices

Respect for Peopleindividuals, communities, and cultures

Best Practicesthat meet and supersede industry standards