Shena's Story

Two years ago, before coming to Family Outreach Center, I was suicidal and depressed, having been a survivor, since the age of 8, of life long years of emotional, physical, verbal and sexual abuse. In addition, the severe domestic violence I had experienced in each of my three former partner relationships had destroyed not only my self-esteem but also my hope for any kind of a positive future for me and my two small boys.

Upon referral to Family Outreach Center, I had no income, no car, no safe dwelling, no beds or needed furniture, and no way to pay for needed food or bills. I had only two years of early childhood formal education though I was bright and longed to learn. I had no dependable or safe support network of friends, family or church to help guide or encourage me and my English skills and fluency were very poor.

Family Outreach Center changed all that. Due to their genuine concern for people and their diversified programs and multi-faceted, wide-ranging client services of counseling, advocacy, case facilitation and community resource awareness, I now have a dependable, decent job, an affordable, safe apartment with the necessary furnishings, a car, driver's license and sufficient income to cover my monthly food and bills. My legal issues of custody and child support are now resolved and I have been guided to opportunities for learning English and even getting my GED. In addition I also am participating in excellent, culturally sensitive counseling sessions that have been helping me over the last two years to heal my wounded heart and memories as well as resolve my personal issues and obstacles in a wholesome, effective way.

Thanks to Family Outreach Center, I and my boys now have restored hope for a positive future and we are beginning to be happy participants in life instead of becoming only a sad, hopeless statistic in the welfare system. Thanks, Family Outreach Center.